Our AlfaStar system, shown above, is a modular system with lots of functionality. It consists of a number of different modules that is will be expanded in the future. It’s design and concept was kept very easy and simple to get a very reliable system with is easy to install.

  • The controller (left module) has all the intelligence and works standalone. It does all the work of handling the inputs and switching the loads and lights according to the internally stored configuration. The configuration is built via a PC and sent by means of a serial port ( LAN, WIFI, or Bluetooth via an optional module). It is then stored in a non-volatile memory, so it can handle power failures. A PC can also control or supervise this controller module. Via an extended communication interface it is possible to manipulate and monitor any device.
  • The octal D/A converter module is controlled by the controller module and has 8 analog outputs ( 0 – 10V ) to control universal analog dimmer modules. Plenty of functionality around the analog outputs lets you make any lighting ambience and walk  or run from one ambience to another. Any action can be triggered via an input button, alarm and serial command ( via PC- link )
  • The optical input module with 32 inputs is connectable to the controller by means of a DB9 connector. The software can handle up to 8 input modules. Any contact, button or open collector contact can be connected to an input.
  • The output module with 32 relay drivers, up to 30VDC and max 500mA, fits onto the same bus as the input modules. It is able to drive LED light directly from the outputs
  • One system can handle, with the current firmware, up to  :

4 analog modules (32 dimmers) Up to 8 input modules (256 inputs) Up to 4 output modules (128 outputs).

  • The system contains all needed functionality to configure inputs ( buttons) and outputs ( loads, lamps, light control, dimmers, … ) with timer functionality. The system can be accommodated to the current situation of living without the need to change wires, this means flexibility. It also increases comfort and safety. All outputs have the same functionality, independent on the configuration. All outputs can be activated for a limited time, from 0.1 second to several days or endless. If you forget to switch off the load, the system will do after the time out set for this load.
  • The whole system can be supervised with standard delivered PC-software and can even be controlled from a distant place. The system is developed in a way that it can easily be expanded by adding extra functionality that is compatible with the existing configuration. It has already been tested during several years and it is very reliable, easy to install and to configure.
  • This is a very attractive home control or domestic system when you do not want to spend lots of money for a domestic system with plenty of features needed nowadays. Its price is affordable for everybody without the need to cut other expenses when building the house of your dreams.