Output module

Module with relay driver outputs

This module makes it possible to control 32 outputs individually. By means of external relays high loads can be switched. The relay can be choosen dependant on the load and can be changed easily. The module can be connected to the AlfaStar control system by means of the D9 side connectors.

2 versions available: open or closed box.

Specifications :

  • 32 relays driver outputs, grouped per 8 on each connector
  • Separate supply for driver outputs grouped per 8 ( each connector ).
  • Can drive up to 500mA per output. Continuously 200mA / 30VDC for inductive loads, 40VDC for resistive loads.
  • loop through bus connector with SUB-D. Modules can be interconnected in cascade.
  • Direct drive of LED’s or lamps (
  • Compatible with the AlfaStar home control system

Mechanical specs :

  • Closed version : width ca 115 mm, height 90mm
  • Open version : ca 7 modules
  • PCB fits into mounting rail (see picture)
  • fits on a standard DIN-rail.

The description and picture above is not binding, future expansion will be added or current features can be changed without notice.