Software development

Because of our large experience in a diverse range of domains of embedded software and hardware, we are capable of tackling a lot of technical problems or projects in an efficient way.

Our software development is mainly object oriented. We already have a series of modules we can just plug into new projects. So we can reduce the development time and cost and the number of problems will be reduced significantly because these modules are already tested thoroughly.

For embedded systems we use C/C++ and if necessary assembler. We concentrate on ARM (STM32 (ST), LCP1000/2000/3000 (NXP), 8051 and deratives (any manufacturer), AVR (Atmel), MSP (TI)

As a small company we can work very efficiently without a large overhead. This speeds up the project and keeps the cost reasonable.

A matter of working as efficient as possible to our goal, delivering within time and budget.