Led lighting

for a bright view.

Numerous LED lamps are on the market with a diverse range of specifications and qualities. We selected a series of lamps in the top range of light output and quality for an acceptable price. Even for private persons it is economical to switch to LED because of the gain in energy consumption and much longer lifetime of the lamps. The profit starts immediately and continues for up to 10 times the lifetime of a classical halogen lamps. Because of continuously rising energy prices, the profit increases day by day and year after year.


A few bulbs that go beyond existing halogen lamps
and only consume a fraction (10-15%) of the energy.

  • The cost of a halogen lamp ( €3 – €5) is only a fraction of the total cost of ownership (>€30 per lamp of 50Watt over the total lifetime). There is no reason to continue using a halogen lamp, because the cost of energy keeps going up and with a LED lamp you can stop this immediately, and continues for up to 10 times this amount, saving you more than €300 over the lifetime of a LED lamp.
  • Below there is a comparison graph of the cost of a halogen and LED lamps of different power rates.
  • If you are interested in switching to a lower energy consumption with more light, just contact us, so we can advise you in what and how to do it.  I want to contact you.

Are you fed up with the twilight of LED light and want :

  • a lower energy bill without loosing the comfort of enjoyable light ?
  • A constant and high level of light over the full lifetime ?
  • dimmable LED-lighting in your existing armatures ?

Our LED-lamps replace the existing incandescent and halogen lamps and excell in the following features :

  • up to 30% more light than the 50 Watt halogen at an energy consumption of 15% (6/7 Watt)
  • lifetime > 30.000 hours
  • 2 years warranty, our LED-lamps are of top quality.
  • don’t extremely heat up , no wear by heat (<60°C)
  • return on investment within about 2000 hours.
  • available in warm white ( 2700K ) and normal white (4000K) for ‘functional’ places.
  • A broad range of available types in our LED-catalog

The real cost is of lighting is shown in the graph below, the cost of energy and lamp included. The ‘cheap’ halogen lamp seems to be much more expensive than expected. A LED lamp with a similar or even better and more comfortable light output is after about 2000 hours cheaper. After that time the halogen must already be replaced or has lost a large part of its light output, while the LED lamp can last for about 9 times extra, saving a lot in maintenance too.


The cheap halogen lamp is an energy burner and costs during the full life time a multiple of the cost of the lamp itself, up to €30 to €45. A quality LED lamp survives even 10 halogen lamps for a fraction of the cost.
Investing in LED is an investment in light, because the return that increases year by year due to the rising energy prices.